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Distant Cellars

Our tasting room is CLOSED and online sales are currently paused.

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Established in 2009, Distant Cellars was founded as a family venture driven by a passion for wine and the intrigue of the hard work which results in its creation. The idea that something as simple as grapes, yeast, location, and oak could result in something so complex was both alluring and exciting. However, at the onset of our dream, no one in the family had the knowledge or experiences to enable this dream to come to fruition. Nonetheless, we chose to forge forward and begin what has become one of the most interesting, terrifying, gratifying and educational endeavors of our lives.

Growing up it was always “The Gaiser Boys.” There are four of us, and we each had our own interests and talents, yet there was never a doubt that we loved the company of our family and the time we spent together. Our parents raised us to advocate for each other and as we grew, it was an easy transition into roles of support and strength as we started our own paths in life. Each of us, at one point or another, has had to learn to balance the demands of our careers with our growing families all while trying to remain united and connected. The initial purchase of what is now Distant Cellars was a way for each of us, as well as our father, Steven, to bring our outside experiences together for a common goal.

Our dream started with a chance, a love for wine, and a willingness to push through any adversity we faced. Since our first vintage, we have made tremendous progress towards the realization of that dream and we want to invite you to join us as we continue down this path towards our targets.